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Hybrid pools are a great alternative to standard inground pools, especially for those willing to spend a little more money than the cost of a traditional above ground, but don’t won’t to invest in an inground pool. Hybrid pools have the option to be installed above ground, semi-inground, and inground. When you shop with Charleston Pool & Spa, you get the full package and expert installation knowledge.

Since 1994, Charleston Pool & Spa has been selling and servicing pools. Our pool option include the Ultimate by Fox Pools, the Freedom by Medallion Pools, and the Optimum by Wilbar. We have a design and size that will fit any budget. Our team of professionals will handle the entire process from the initial in-store consultation, to backyard design, installation, and the startup, use, and care of your new pool.


Sitting by our pool late one summer evening while enjoying the soothing sounds of the water and watching our children swim and play in the pool, we realized how having a pool enhances our quality of life. We want to share that feeling with you.



Above Ground

An above ground installation is where a pool sits entirely above ground. This is the most common installation. The construction process is very similar to a standard above ground pool installation. You can be swimming within two days.



An semi-inground installation is where a pool sits halfway submerged. While the pool is a literal halfway point between inground and aboveground, it's growing in popularity. This is a good option for sloped backyards and decks.



An inground installation is where a pool sits entirely submerged. The construction process is very similar to a standard vinyl liner inground pool installation. This option works best with a concrete or paver deck surround.


We make financing our hybrid pools as convenient as enjoying them! We are pleased to offer the Lyan Finacial Pool Program. Complete the application and you will be notified of your credit line for purchasing your new pool through Lyon!


Knowledgable Team

The Charleston Pool & Spa team have the most pool knowledge and experience than most in our area. No unethical sales tactics are employed in order to accommodate you with your pool. From the moment you walk into Charleston Pool & Spa, Lacey works hard to make sure that buying a hybrid pool is as easy and relaxing as the pool itself will make you feel.

Quality Products

When you’re thinking of purchasing an inground pool, think quality american-made pools from the experts. When you purchase a Charleston Pool & Spa pool, you're getting one of the best engineered pools available today. Our hybrid pools are of the highest quality. We will build your swimming pool with superior products, materials, knowledge, and the best craftsmanship.

Satisfaction at Completion

We pride ourselves on the quality of our workmanship and customer satisfaction. Not only for the customer but for us as well. When you choose a Charleston Pool & Spa pool, you can trust that it will be completed on-time and on-budget. While it is important that your swimming pool meets your style expectations, it is imperative that the quality of construction meets our high standards.

Established Local Business

You are supporting a local small business. Charleston Pool & Spa has been here for more than twenty years and will continue to provide excellent products and services for many years to come. With decades of hands on experience in the swimming pool industry, it's no wonder why we have continued to grow.

Service Department

Our technicians are highly educated and take great pride in their work. One of the perks of doing business with Charleston Pool & Spa is that we service everything we sell. We are committed to being the only resource you’ll ever need and we will be there to service your needs as long as you own your swimming pool.

Conveniently Located

We are located at 1634 Sam Rittenberg Boulevard, which is conveniently located near I-26, I-526 (Mark Clark Expressway), Hwy 17 (Savannah Hwy), and Hwy 61 (Ashley River Rd). You can take advantage of your 10% discount in our retail store and save on chemicals. You also receive free water tests.


Fox began manufacturing steel wall, vinyl liner pools in 1957. Since then, we have continued to lead the vinyl liner industry with many new and exciting innovations.  Constantly pushing to implement the latest in swimming pool design and safety technology, you can rest assured when choosing a Fox Pool that you are getting one of the best swimming pools available today. 

The Ultimate pool can be installed above ground, partially in-ground, or completely in-ground to fit any yard or slope.  The 14 gauge in-ground quality steel gives the pool unmatched strength and durability to last a lifetime.  This versatile pool can be customized to fit both your yard and your budget. 

Medallion Pools has been a family owned and operated business located in the Richmond, VA. Medallion is a pool manufacturer that offers affordable swimming pools in four different wall types and in virtually any size or shape that you can imagine.

he Medallion St. Croix Freedom Series has revolutionized the above ground pool market. It is a pool that can be installed completely above ground, semi inground, or completely inground. You can even change it’s size down the road. This is an extremely high quality pool at a very affordable price.

With industry-leading technology matched by beautiful designs, the Wilbar Group can provide the right pool for your yard so you can be swimming in a matter of days!

If you’re looking for an above groundool that is strong, sturdy, and built to last – look no further than Optimum!  With its wide variety of installation options in an array of round and oval sizes, Optimum is so versatile, it can be installed to fit any yard – even if it’s not completely flat! With its 2 inch thick insulated wall panels, all aluminum and stainless steel construction, the Optimum pool offers the best in strength and versatility. And with Optimum’s compact shipping and quick, easy assembly – you’ll be swimming in no time!